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Life Force is proud to provide a special service we refer to as the Wellness Team.  This team was created by Bishopp, Manager and Special Needs Coordinator to provide assistance for clients who live with memory loss, anxiety and depression along with other mental and emotional conditions, filling the void left with receiving only nursing care. Bishopp felt that people often ignore or just don’t focus on how seniors often need more than just medicine, showers and personal care, they often just need a friend to talk with, assist them to calm down, someone to take a walk with, escort them to meals and activities or someone to help when they’re confused and lost and need some compassionate guidance. The Wellness Team purposely dresses in casual clothing to look more approachable.  This gives the feeling they are more like an everyday friend and less of a care provider upon first impressions, this also allows for long term interactions, trust, respect and a safer living environment.

Our goal is to provide a safe environment, allowing residents to remain surrounded by friends and a familiar home for a longer period of time.

If you or a family member reside at Queen Victoria Estates and are interested in accessing the Wellness Team, please contact Life Force at 306-501-8598 or

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